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A gallery of photographs that depicts Hastings in WWII Clearly shown are the consequences of bombing raids on the town, also how they conducted their daily lives whilst under attack. Photographs reproduced by kind courtesy of their owner Ken Brooks, Hastings Historian and Geologist.
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Armoured car in Hastings Town Centre. These vehicles had a maximum speed of 30 M.P.H.

A.R.P Wardens procession Sunday 23rd April 1939

Crashed German aircraft, Beaneys Lane (25th September 1940)

Digging through the remains of The Swan Inn, destroyed by a German bomb on Sunday 23rd May 1943

Gunners running to man a battery of 3.7 heavy anti-aircraft guns. These guns were set up in July to September 1944 during the German V1 flying bomb (Doodlebug) attacks on London and the South East.. ','Anti aircraft guns at Gosvenor gardens

Hollington School children were sent to Ware and Welwyn Garden City and St Albans

Other children were sent to Wiltshere and Weston Super Mare and in 1940 Somerset

Damage in King Edward Avenue. 11th March 1943
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