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25th October 2012 - Book Launch,
"Letters to a Part Time Barmaid"

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October 2012
On the 25th October 2012 I launched my latest book, "Letters to a Part Time Barmaid" as a benefit for the Royal British Legion. Hastings Mayor and Mayoress attended, as well the President of the Hastings Branch of the Royal British Legion and about 50 other guests
Hugh Seaward

Guest of Honour at the book launch, WII Burma Campaign veteran 92 year old Hugh Seaward

This beautiful bouquet was presented to me by one of the subjects of "Letters to a Part Time Barmaid", Moira Hornsey, former glamour model and ex-barmaid
Book launch 2012

Book signing day at Hastings Waterstones
Observer photo 2012
Published in the Hastings & St.Leonards Observer on Thursday 8 November 2012 16:00

(Me pictured with Burma Veteran Hugh Seaward and Peter and Irene Hayesmore)

"The launch of a historian’s latest book has brought together relatives of men who died in the Second World War with veterans who served alongside them.

Local author Victoria Seymour last week launched Letters to a Part Time Barmaid, the ninth and final in her series of books on Hastings and St Leonards pre-war, wartime and post-war social histories.

Despite its flippant title, the book charts the story of those who returned to England following the war and set about rebuilding their lives.

While conducting background research for the book last November, Victoria’s search for the relatives of six local men, who died in the Second World War, appeared in the letters section of the Observer.

Responses to the appeal eventually brought forward several relatives including Peter and Irene Hayesmore, the children of Ernie Hayesmore, who had died in battle in 1944, as well as two 92-year-old veterans of the Burma Campaign, who had served with him.

The book launch, which took place at a benefit for the local branch of the Royal British Legion, at the East Hastings Sea Angling Association on October 25, was the first time these people had met.

Victoria said: “Out of the six, four people came forward who were connected with those men.

“You can imagine how emotional it was.”

She added that these war children, now in their seventies had said that the meeting with their father’s comrades brought them a feeling of peace and closure.

The inspiration for Letters to a Part Time Barmaid is a collection of post-war letters, found at an auction in Hastings.

The letters were written by a Dunkirk survivor, who had returned to his pre-war job in the construction industry and was travelling about England, repairing and rebuilding bomb-damaged houses.

It was during these travels that he met a part-time barmaid, to whom he wrote shy love letters during the mid-1950s.

Victoria said: “This postal courtship is very much of its time and also gives an insight into the day-to-day working life of the 1950s.

Victoria will be signing copies of her book at Waterstones in Priory Meadow on Saturday , November 10 from 10am onwards."

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