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Ten years of emails - 2001 to 2011

On 15th April 2011 Canadian Wendy Johnson and I celebrated the anniversary of our first meeting on the Internet; a meeting which changed the course of my life. On 15th April 2001 Wendy emailed the website, (now defunct), with an enquiry about the existence of a Lavender Cottage on the Ridge, Hastings. She had collection of letters written by an English cousin, Emilie Crane, who lived in the cottage, to Wendy’s late Aunt Marion in Canada. The letters, dated between 1942 and 1955, tell a touching and historically interesting story. Wendy and I struck up an email friendship and she sent me photocopies of the letters, an act that eventually started the writing career that has enlivened my retirement years.

Wendy, and sometimes her husband Walter, have travelled to Hastings a number of times over the years, but the spring 2011 visit brought a special bonus that needed its own suitcase! Wendy had printed out all the emails we have exchanged over the previous ten years and put them in files; thirty-one to be exact. The story of our friendship, her generosity and kindness to me and my learning how to be a writer are documented in detail. (Could this be a book one day?) Wendy had a hectic schedule during her week-long trip to the UK: but on our anniversary we had time to go for lunch in Hastings Old Town, fish and chips, of course, to chat and exchange gifts with a lavender theme

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