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Here are a few links to my favourite web pages, with additional suggestions from Wendy Johnson of Ontario, Canada, who gave her kind permission for the letters of her relative, Miss Emilie Crane, to be compiled into the WWII biography, Letters From Lavender Cottage.
Hastings Arts - a website promoting talented local artists and the arts scene in Hastings
The official website for the Hastings and Rother Family History Society This site contains information on the society, the area it covers, how to join, and how to buy Family History and Local History books from our bookshop
Hastings Jack in the Green Webpage
There has been much written about the Battle of Hastings, 1066. There is even an entire website devoted to it This page contains text that was written about 100 years ago and is said to be an account of the Battle, originally told by William of Malmesbury, who died C1143.
Ivor White's website which contains information about Battle, Battle Abbey and local history
The official website for the Hastings Borough Council
This website, powered by the local newspaper, Hastings & St.Leonards Observer, has lots of local news stories
Welcome to Chislehurst! This attractive village is located on the borders of Southeast London and Kent, in the borough of Bromley. It has a remarkable history, including many famous residents, (apart from me!) such as Lord Sydney (Sydney, Australia was named after him), Napoleon III and his son the Prince Imperial, Sir Thomas Walsingham, who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I and is featured on the village sign, William Willet, who invented daylight saving time and several Lord Mayors of London.
A Great Resource for - Veterans: Find stories and memories of your old comrades, friends or perhaps yourself. Novelists / Authors: A great starting point and free material for writing a book. Military Historians: A great resource for research into the wars and battles of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Trace your family history: Track the career of a specific soldier. Read love stories of the men who fought on the front line. Discover detailed military information of the two wars. Find photos and much more
The Stables Theatre and Art Gallery in Hastings
Website for the BBC's 'local' radio station
Website for our local ITV television channel
Homepage for City of London, Canada
Website for Free Press, City of London, Canada
The ultimate resource for information on WWII and Canada.
Military history: World War II (1939-1945)
Women Overseas: Memoirs of the Canadian Red Cross Corps. In these Red Cross memoirs, some 30 women tell their stories of volunteer work with the Canadian Red Cross Corps in overseas postings during World War Two and the Korean War.
This is a collection of recipes from World War Two ... times were tough, food was rationed... cooks had to be inventive with what little they had!
Frugal Recipes From Wartime Britain by Colleen Moulding. "These are some of the recipes my Grandmother used to feed her husband and seven children during the second world war in England".
Hastings, Ontario Chamber of Commerce Website. Check out our local area businesses as well as events in Hastings and the surrounding Trent Hills area.
Printers and graphic designers involved in the production of "Letters from Lavender Cottage" is a free-to-use website enabling folk to look back at other people's fond memories of their younger days, and also serves as a valuable research facility for students. This is a link to their guestbook.