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Victoria Seymour - Author of Letters from Lavender Cottage, Letters to Hannah, Court in the Act and The Long Road to Lavender Cottage
Welcome to my Website! Here you will find details of all my books published to date. They are social histories based in and around Hastings, England. Letters from Lavender Cottage, Letters to Hannah, Court in the Act, The Long Road from Lavender Cottage, Host Families Wanted, The Slow Turning Tide, Austerity Diary from Lavender Cottage and Victory's Children, Hastings 1945 - 2010, Letters to a Part time Barmaid. They can all be purchased online via PayPal or ordered by post directly from me.

Of my social histories Joanna Lumley said.

“I can’t put Victoria Seymour’s books down. They’re just delightful and enthralling, a part of history which, unless she had preserved it, might have blown away, like sand in the desert.”

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Letters from Lavender Cottage - Hastings in WW2 and Austerity
Letters From Lavender Cottage- Hastings in WWII and Austerity by Victoria Seymour

If you enjoy WWII history on the home front and the secret pleasure of reading someone's private letters, then Letters From Lavender Cottage- Hastings in WWII and Austerity is for you.

Letters to Hannah
Letters to Hannah. WWII recollections of Hastings & South East England by Victoria Seymour

Letters to Hannah looks at WWII on the Home Front through the eyes of those who lived in Hastings and South East England, from September 1939 to December 1945. It also enlarges on the historical background covered in its companion book, Letters from Lavender Cottage.

Victoria Seymour's Court in the Act - Crime and Policing in WW2 Hastings
Court in the Act by Victoria Seymour - Crime and Policing in WW2 Hastings

Court in the Act, which completes the trilogy, concentrates on the work of the police force, the magistrates' and other courts in WWII Hastings. As the effects of war took hold, there was hardly any aspect of home front life that was not controlled by some Government Act, Regulation or Order, putting even more pressure on already overworked police officers.

Victoria Seymour's The Long Road to Lavender Cottage
The Long Road to Lavender Cottage by Victoria Seymour

The now famous occupant of Lavender Cottage, Emilie Crane, returns, to let us back into her life and the daily doings of her neighbours on the Ridge. What was the truth about the supposed nudist colony opposite Lavender Cottage? Was the guest house close by really a haven for left wing agitators and a bolt hole for the scandalous occultist, Aleister Crowley?.

Victoria Seymour's Host Families Wanted
Host Families Wanted by Victoria Seymour

For over half century Hastings has been host to hundreds of thousands of young people from all over the world. Host Families Wanted, the true story of overseas English language students in Hastings, is approached with the enthusiasm for detail that my regular readers expect of me.

If you are a host family, have been, or are thinking of becoming one, this book is for you.

Victoria Seymour's The Slow Turning Tide
The Slow Turning Tide by Victoria Seymour

The Slow Turning Tide looks back to over a half a century ago, when Hastings and St Leonards faced the long task of recovering from WWII. Full of intriguing detail the book features stories of Hastings citizens, rebuilding their lives, homes and careers, marrying and raising families, while enduring austerity and nine post-war years of rationing and shortage of everything, including houses

Austerity Diary from Lavender Cottage~Hastings 1947
Austerity Diary from Lavender Cottage~Hastings 1947

In this diary the now famous Lavender Cottage occupant, Miss Emilie Crane, reveals intimate details of her daily life, giving us a picture of how one household managed during the depths of the austerity period that followed WWII.

Victory's Children, Hastings 1945 - 2010
Victory's Children, Hastings 1945 - 2010

Victory’s Children, the last in her series of Hastings wartime and post-war social histories, commemorates the 65th anniversary of the coming of peace in the summer of 1945. The blitz spirit of “all being in it together” had begun to evaporate before victory was declared; a war-weary population was slowly realising the extent of the austerity and hardships ahead

Letter to A Part-Time Barmaid
Victoria Seymour - Letters to a Part Time Barmaid

A bundle of love letters, found at an auction in Hastings, tell the true story of a 1950s postal courtship.

Their writer is Dunkirk survivor Maurice Nash who, fourteen years after the historic evacuation, was working as builder, travelling around England repairing and rebuilding a still broken country. The object of his shy affection was part time barmaid Peggy Cockrill, who served behind the bar of one of the many pubs in which Maurice found solace in the lonely evenings.


Looking Back on Hastings
Victoria Seymour - Looking Back on Hastings

It gives me great pleasure to introduce my latest book, Looking Back on Hastings, which will trigger memories for all generations.

The famous and infamous of Hastings are once again under the spotlight, local buildings are explored, and the town's traditions and customs explained, in a compilation of my articles from the Hastings Observer's nostalgia feature, Looking Back, which has been described as a "potted history of Hastings."